It’s September once again!!

Welcome to Autumn in Vancouver. Rainy with ever the hope for some days of golden sunshine to accent the changing colours of the leaves. Autumn is quiet and contemplative after the exuberance and energy of the summer. There is a downshift in our external energy as we slowly start to move through the turning of the season. Aware of the slightly cooler air, the earlier darkness and noticing the golden leaves already abandoning their posts preparing to feed the ground for next year’s growth. I love this eternal changing of the seasons. The constant cycle of growth, nourish, decay and stillness. For all my love of the hot, dry sun of Summer, Autumn is my favourite time of year. The scrunching of leaves underfoot, the slight morning chill, the wind that rises strewing brightly coloured leaves in all directions. Autumn is my Spring as the wind picks up my hair and whispers potential and growth.

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