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  1. George Hall says:

    I am a 24 year old curler. In the past six years I have experienced intense shooting pain in my hip joints which started to spread to my knees. I was told by doctors that it was the sciatic nerve that was starting to be irritated and I should limit the amount of strain I place on it. This being impossible I tried different types of alternative medicine, including chiropractic and acupuncture, to relieve the pain. None of them worked for more than a couple days before the pain came back. When I started having regular monthly reflexology treatments from Jen, the pain started to disappear; now the pain has completely stopped. I definitely think that without Jen’s help I would still be in a lot of pain. I have experienced other reflexologists and I can say that Jen is one of the special ones that have the ability to sense where the energy blockages are, and work on them to successfully release the tension in your body. You will experience an hour of bliss interrupted by stretches and yawns that will last for minutes as your body releases all the blocked energy and by the end you will drinking water like your life depends on it, as your body replenishes itself.

  2. Mela says:

    After my reflexology session with Jen I felt like every part of me was in line. I felt balanced and rejuvenated. I slept beautifully and woke up the next morning shocked to discover that all the water retention and swelling I had been experiencing had completely vanished. Much more than just a relaxing foot massage – although that part was amazing too!

  3. Donna-Lynne says:

    Jen is a rare gem in the healing community–a truly gifted and inspired healer. Both my husband and I have had the pure pleasure of Jen’s healing touch and wonderfully warm energy in the comfort of our home several times and will continue to call on her for her masterful techniques in releasing tension areas, opening energetic pathways, and helping us find deep relaxation. As an in-home practitioner, she upholds the highest level of professional standards while delivering a service that is caring and attentive. It is obvious she enjoys “her calling” very much and gives sincerely from her heart. For someone like me on the healing path for several years, this makes all the difference in the world.

  4. Jo says:

    Jen is amazing! You cannot go wrong with this girl on the block. She is so professional and caring and knew exactly where my aches and pains were. I have been fighting to heal a brutal shoulder injury from August of 2011 and nothing seemed to be helping, not even physio. After some self-strengthening of my body and reflexology from Jen, I am finally able to sleep on my side again! I have been waiting for this for over 6 months. Thank you Jen! Bless you girl! xoxo

  5. Joann Malet-Warden says:

    I have been having regular monthly reflexology treatments with Jen for about one year. I am ninety and have suffered Post Polio syndrome for 6 years. ( Having had polio at age 28.)

    I endorse all the above comments. Jen IS, truly amazing. Even although my spine is now akin to a pretzel, the relief she can bring to my stiffness and pain is miraculous. After one of her treatments my feet and legs want to dance, in fact I now take dancing classes !
    In my youth I studied ballet,plus all the ballroom dances of the twenties and thirties. Now thanks to Jen I have finally learnt to Jive. A beat that had eluded me in the forties when the Yanks brought it to the UK during 2nd World war.

    Jen is a very dedicated practitioner. She has extensive understanding of the benefits of reflexology. Treats everyone as an individual. We all have different health issues, and this is where I think she excels,working on the parts of the feet that relate . Just try this proven method, the benefits are manifold. Joann Malet-Warden.

  6. Jean says:

    There is nothing better than having a talented reflexologist like Jen arrive at one’s door. Jen comes fully prepared, always on time, and makes my feet feel like magic! In fact, after a session with this talented healer, my feet suddenly become supple, my whole body relaxes, and I feel entirely energized and renewed (like I could handle anything). I believe the work she has done on my feet has improved a number of other health concerns that I have struggled with. Jen is a beautiful, amazing soul. I highly recommend her.

  7. Meghan says:

    I think the chat is almost as therapeutic as the foot work. It’s like you offer reflexology and therapy all for one low price. Sort like a bar tender except that I get a good nights sleep and no hangover!

  8. Serah says:

    Jen has been treating my feet quite regularly over the past seven months or so. I had been to other reflexologists and realized that they are not all the same – their touch differed as did my reaction to the treatment – some having more effect than others. I have had Chronic fatigue syndrome for some years and felt that reflexology was beneficial for many things. I was very happy to find Jen; she has a very special intuitive gift of healing with her hands. After a treatment my feet feel very light, my sleep is angelic and my energy and mood the following days are much improved! Equally appreciated is her warm, caring, genuine nature. I would certainly recommend her.

  9. Sally says:

    I have been having a ‘treat for my feet’ for two years with Jen and is has become a highlight of my week. As Jen has got to know me her awareness of what is happening in my body is always spot on, and her genuine interest in my life and my family has become equally as important. I highly recommend Jen.

  10. norlan cabot says:

    Arthritis in toes is painful. Reflexology is effective for stimulating circulation.
    My feet are my foundation. Why would I not take great care of them?
    Jen is my foot Guru who comes with compassion, kindness and spirit.
    Norlan Cabot

  11. Diane salter says:

    In 2011, while reading the North Shore News, I spotted a picture of a young woman who through her reflexology sessions, was donating half her earnings to a charity in Africa run by one of her friends. Wow, I thought that was pretty impressive and given Jen came to your home, it was even more inviting to try a session. I have never looked back and given a chance, I tell people about what an amazing gal she is. She arrives on time, devotes herself to your session and when she leaves, your feet and mood are lifted. I like to consider myself one of her regular clients and look forward to her monthly and bimonthly visits. You truly couldn’t give yourself or a friend a better gift.

    Diane Salter

  12. Maureen Frederiksen says:

    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue its so nice to be pampered, how about you?
    I’ve had my shower, in my nightie and housecoat. Jen arrives, she does her foot magic and I’m relaxed and rejuvenated and ready for bed. What a grand way to end my day. So glad she’s in our lives. You will be too.

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