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Reflexology is a natural healing art, based on the principle that there are pathways to and from the 7200 nerve endings found in our feet. These pathways relate to every organ, gland and part of our bodies.


Reflexology uses these pathways to enhance the energy flow in the body. Application of
pressure with the thumbs and fingers to reflex points, at the nerve ending sites, stimulates organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines and lungs to eliminate toxins. This helps improve circulation, relieve stress and reduce body tension, leading to balance within the body and total body relaxation.

This powerful, yet non-invasive practice has been used for thousands of years in holistic medicine to reduce stress and stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Reflexology helps restore and maintain a state of well-being for the whole body.

Physical symptoms of pain and ‘dis-ease’ are often the body’s way of letting us know
that something is not ‘right’ in our lives. When we are able to interpret what our body needs, we are able to bring ourselves back into balance so the healing can naturally take place.

Reducing stress is the first step towards better health. Reflexology, due to its profound relaxing nature, helps to promote balance of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your entire body.



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  1. Tina Menchions says:

    I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for a number of years and despite physiotherapy and exercises, my feet were still in agony. In desperation, I decided to try reflexology and found Jen online. That was a very lucky day for me! Jen was able to provide relief by using deep manipulation of the scar tissue in my heels and now my feet feel so very much better. I believe that Jen is not only a wonderful reflexologist, but has a true gift of healing.

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