About Me

I love reflexology for so many reasons. The hands-on nurturing touch, the connection and relationships with clients and that, when trust is developed, I am able to work deeper on your feet to help facilitate healing; body, mind and soul.

Reflexology credentials and continuing education:

*Approved Practitioner Member of the Reflexology Association of British Columbia since 2012

*Touchpoint Reflexology webinar: Gut and Immunity February 2021

*Reflexology and Burnout Syndrome, HCP Reflexology Institute, January 2021

*RABC study group “Boost the immune system with reflexology”, October 19th, 2020

*Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage,  HCP Reflexology Institute, March 2018

*Top Ten Pain Releasers, HCP Reflexology Institute, July 2016

*Wise Woman Way Of Birth Doula training, April 2016

*Language of the Feet with Chris Stormer-Fryer, September 2015

*Reflexology and Meridians, HCP Reflexology Institute, March 2015

*Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology refresher course, HCP Reflexology Institute, November 2013

*Healthy Foot Practitioner, Restorative Exercise Program, September 2013

*Advanced Clinical Skills, Pacific Institute of Reflexology, April 2011

*Reflexology Practitioner certification, Touchpoint Institute of Reflexology and Kinesiology, May 2005.

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