Health and Wellness Referrals

I have been blessed to have my Reflexology business grow by word of mouth here on the North Shore and wanted to extend the same kindness to other practitioners that I personally recommend for their particular modality. I believe that a positive and intuitive bedside manner is just as important to the healing outcome as the physical application of the modality and that we heal more quickly and with greater success if we are emotionally supported throughout the healing process. It has been my experience that every one of these professionals has a passion to help people and that they all bring that positive and emotionally supportive approach to their work. I’ve had first hand experience under the care of these practitioners and highly recommend their services.

* Dr. Tod Pelly, Chiropractor


* Colin Sleigh, RMT

* Brenda Pulvermacher, Craniosacral Therapist


* Heather Laine, Physio Therapist and Yoga Therapist